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Let’s all of us be yea-sayers.

Research shows that yes is a powerful word. Yes creates trust, builds confidence, gives us optimism, promotes creativity, and enables us to perform more effectively. It even improves our overall health and wellbeing. 

BrightKey was built on YES! 

When our first clients in 1988 said, can you do this? I said yes and then figured out how to do it.




Nearly 29 years later, that “can do” spirit has led to a company with close to 500 employees and 180 clients, delivering a growing range of outsourced support services to associations and other nonprofits, for-profit corporations, and government agencies.

Helping you say YES to your members and customers . . .

While we know that you can't say yes to every request, we also know that you can say yes, I understand . . . yes, I hear you. We do that on your behalf. 

. . . and leading them to say
YES to you!

Saying yes is just good business, and what goes ‘round comes ‘round. When it’s time to renew or buy a new product, we want that to be a yes moment that benefits you.

In short, yes makes us feel like we’re in it together.

Empowering our team to say YES!

BrightKey stands for yes! We have put a Yes! Button on the desk of every project manager at BrightKey. Our PMs are the ones who serve as the day-to-day communications link between BrightKey management and our clients (and their members and customers).
Yes Button


I invite you—whether you’re a client, prospect, partner, or friend—to come to BrightKey, see what we’re up to, and hit the Yes! sound button for yourself! At minimum, it brings a big grin…it's just plain fun! And isn't that the start to building more positive energy and finding common solutions for growth and success?

Saying YES brings new challenges and opportunities!

Racecars and PJs…scientists, doctors, and builders…children and seniors! These are just some of the interests represented by the dozens of companies that have said yes to BrightKey’s special brand of service in the past year. We partner with each of these clients to understand and achieve their specific goals, applying our experience with the most effective practices.

Sometimes achieving client goals involves acquiring new skills, and BrightKey stands ready to accommodate. One client recently challenged BrightKey with learning the SAP Order Processing system. Within a matter of weeks, a dedicated customer care team received intensive training and now has the required expertise to take advantage of improved productivity.

Look at who’s said YES to BrightKey!

We welcome Construction Specifications Institute, Association of Fundraising Professionals, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and many more valued additions to the BrightKey Family!

Our Innovative Mail Solutions division can also count numerous contract renewals and scope expansions as proof positive of excellent delivery. New BrightKey on-site mailrooms dot the nation, including those for Alliant Energy, the National Credit Union Administration, and the Department of Defense.

We’ve greatly expanded our Strategic Outreach team, which redefines the outbound experience as a logical, positive customer service effort for each client’s constituents. Recent new services have included complex database updates, cross-selling, and lead warming. Our partnership with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) has also led to new opportunities on the corporate side. 

Moving from “no-ness” to embrace the power of the YES!

We can learn a lot from messages we’re sharing with our children. Here’s a quote from a wonderful new children’s book called The Yes by Sarah Bee…
And then the Yes came to a big rolling hill. The Nos did the loudest and no-ing-ness no they could do. The Yes went up until the noise of the Nos in their no-ness and not-ness grew until there was no more no and never had been. There was only the Yes.

Meet you on that big rolling hill. I’ll bring the kite!

With a big, bright YES,

Rita Hope Counts

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"To say yes, you have to sweat and roll up your sleeves and plunge both hands into life up to the elbows."
      - Jean Anouilh