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Benjamin Franklin quote

Here comes the sun!

If you know me at all, you know about my enduring passion for the Beatles. I believe there's a song lyric for every occasion and often turn to my favorites for inspiration and motivation.

Brighter Future

Benjamin Franklin famously advised his readers, "do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight." We take that philosophy to heart here at BrightKey¬maintaining a sunny outlook and staying nimble, ready to change when we need to. The digital trend, for instance, has led clients to print fewer publications, which in turn reduces their storage requirements. We've stayed ahead of the curve by repurposing warehouse space to hold new call center stations for expanding client needs.

Brighter Ideas

Our network of clients — stretching back 30 years — helps us spot trends in the market that impact our clients. From membership retention strategies to call center innovations, we listen and learn so that we can better serve you. We're formalizing our efforts to share benchmarking and effective practices through our new program Insight–to–ActionTM. Get in touch and I'll fill you in!

Brighter Systems

We're always on the lookout for more cost effective, more efficient technology and operations. Whether it's our recent addition of Mitel's cloud-based phone system for increased uptime and timely security, or building custom dashboards that provide realtime feedback, we strive to streamline and optimize to serve you better. On the business solutions front, we've just added Digital Document Management, which includes services from onsite discovery and workflow expertise, to the scanning, storage, and secure management of records.

Brighter People

Of course, none of this would be possible without our team of very dedicated, very bright folks. Whether they're in one of our three offices in Maryland, our new office in NewYork, or onsite at client locations throughout the country, the BrightKey team has the energy and expertise to brighten your future.

Next time you're puzzling over a challenge or see dark clouds gathering, give us a call and we'll bring on the sun!

All the best,



Rita Hope Counts
Brightkey President & CEO