Mail Courier/Drivers and Mail Sorting Clerks

Please note:  This position will require successful attainment of a Government Security Clearance if you don’t currently hold an active clearance.  Therefore, an extensive background check will be required prior to hire which will include a Criminal Background screening and a Credit Check.

Essential Courier Driver duties: 

  • Perform various pick-ups and deliveries among twenty-eight (28) buildings on multiple campuses within a sixty (60) mile radius of the main contract location.
  • Retrieval and delivery of mail as well as the loading and unloading of the vehicle.
  • Courier Drivers will be issued wireless scanners to record date, time and signature confirmation of delivery to the recipient or the recipient’s authorized agent.
  • Must maintain a daily log (manifest) of all mail pieces received and delivered at each location.
  • A minimum of one year or prior driver/delivery experience required
  • Must have a current Driver’s License and a clean driving record

Essential Sorting Clerk duties: 

  • Delivers and picks up mail or correspondence in the general DMV area.
  • Sorts mail for distribution that can be addressed in various ways, requiring the sorting clerk to use association of names, addresses and organizational abbreviations, association of incomplete destinations information with established subdivisions.
  • Identifies and routes mail requiring knowledge of the basic organization and the functions of operating sub-components.
  • Submits daily logs indicating the time, date, and address of deliveries, including signature of recipients, and pick-ups of mail. 
  • Enters data into automated information systems.
  • Must have the ability to perform detailed work consistently, accurately and under pressure