Call Center


Keep your customers happy! 

You’re committed to the notion that your current customer is your best customer. That’s why customer service lies at the heart of everything you do. When one of your customers calls, you want them treated the way you would treat them – with care, professionalism and gratitude. At BrightKey, our U.S.-based inbound call center is staffed with seasoned pros who are trained to be cheerful, professional, and to handle whatever the customer needs. They’re ready and eager to take calls for:

  • Customer Support
  • Order Processing
  • Membership Management
  • Event Registration
  • Website Support & Troubleshooting
  • Secure Payment Processing

BrightKey utilizes advanced phone technology to record calls and process payments in a secure, PCI-DSS compliant manner. Our teams can take care of live data entry into your internal software, or using our own homegrown systems.

As your dedicated BrightKey team is trained using your procedures, cross-selling has never been easier! Our customer service professional can resolve an inquiry, upsell your products, process the payment, renew membership, and track accounts receivable/payable all on the same call! We’ll also report back to you on any trends or problems your customers are experiencing.

And if you don’t need a dedicated team – we can still ‘Handle it for You’! Our call teams are scalable, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a full time, dedicated call team, or experience cost-savings with a part-time professional.

The needs of your customers and members are as unique as your organization. BrightKey can provide the customized Call Center experience you’ve been looking for. Find out how we can become a true extension of your business today!