CBRNE Mail Screening

CBRNE Mail Screening

Like any good leader, you know the importance of keeping your employees and business safe. Mail threats are constantly evolving. Your business could receive suspicious packages that contain deadly powders, odors, or other dangerous materials. Firearms can be delivered by mail to bypass security checkpoints. Your business needs a mail screening process optimized for today’s threat landscape. You need BrightKey.

BrightKey’s Mail Screening solutions include:

  • Complete mailroom staffing in one or more locations 
  • Logistics and facilities capable of ensuring same-day screening and delivery of mail
  • Automated inbound and outbound mail sorting
  • Accountable mail tracking and management 
  • Mail-handling equipment maintenance 
  • Mailing list management 
  • Courier services 
  • Design, construction, and installation of negative pressure environments
  • Real-time screening for suspicious or harmful CBRNE substances 
    (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive)

BrightKey provides on-site and off-site, full-service mail screening and mailroom staffing operations management in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

Our comprehensive services are tailored to meet your mail management requirements. We serve all industries, including financial, tech, media, government, health, and more.  

We manage mailroom needs for companies of all sizes

From single mailroom staffing and courier services, to the coordination of multiple locations, from in-house mail processing to secure, off-site mail screening for high security environments, we have the right mail screening solution for your organization. BrightKey draws on the expertise of senior-level staff with more than 60 years of combined mailroom management experience to secure your mail. 

Watch our video to learn more:

Make sure your mail screening processes are optimized for today’s changing threat landscape. With our extensive mail screening solutions, we’re confident we can minimize the risks within your organization.