Database Management

Database Management

Data is King

If the customer and member is the organization’s most valuable asset, then a robust, up-to-date, and accurate database is critical to success. BrightKey’s database management skills begin with our IT department and extends across every department from call center and outbound telemarketing to marketing, mail processing, and order fulfillment. 

Data cleansing services include:

  • Validation of Contact Information
  • Demographics Analysis
  • Manual & Automated De-Duping
  • Account Linking
  • Address Standardization

Data entry is handled live and by batch, with orders coming in by phone, fax, email, and online. Live entry is provided while the caller is on the phone. Customer service professionals and outbound telemarketers remotely access a complete array of database management systems, and frequently customize BrightKey’s internal Personify software based on the program requirements. 

Database development involves a custom combination of online research techniques and telemarketing to track down correct numbers and emails for customers and members, as well as updating, augmenting, or creating prospect databases from client-provided directory lists, public records, and other sources.