Document Digitization Services

Document Digitization Services

Do you have a building full of paper records? Are your data capture procedures compliant with data protection laws? Are you tired of your financial records taking up office or warehouse space? BrightKey’s Document Digitization Services are here to help! From paper document scanning to reprography services, we can help manage and digitize your data for a more streamlined storage system.

Offering scalable paper-to-digital solutions

BrightKey will take your analog records and integrate them into an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, fully supported by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and secured to meet regulatory compliance standards. Our Document Digitization Services are an affordable and secure way to store your company’s documents.

BrightKey works with organizations of all sizes, and we scale our services to exceed their needs.

We’re working with a major financial institution with multiple locations around the country. We process and sort all their incoming mail including critical financial loan documents. We then scan the necessary files with leading OCR devices to turn the physical documents into searchable digital formats. BrightKey then securely stores these digital documents in a fully-encrypted cloud-based solution the financial institution employees can access around the world.  

BrightKey regularly digitizes and reproduces:

  • Archival records
  • Financial records
  • Board/Meeting Minutes
  • Medical records scanning 
  • Reprography services 
  • Paper document scanning 
  • Court transcripts

BrightKey is a SOC1 Type II, HIPAA, & PCI-DSS compliant service provider.