Mail Processing Center

Mail Processing Center

BrightKey has over 30 years’ experience in fully-automated and highly customized manual lettershop and mail processing.

Specializing in member and customer mailings, BrightKey consistently provides the following premium-quality services at competitive rates:

  • Custom Printing
  • Personalization 
  • Folding & Inserting 
  • Inkjetting & Labeling 
  • Sticker & Live Stamp Application 
  • Matched Mailings 
  • Subscription & Magazine Metering
  • Postal Analysis & Presorting

All databases are CASS-certified and verified for the elimination of duplicate entries prior to mailing. Services include the complex personalization and matched mailings for invoices and renewal notices, membership cards, certificates, and letters. BrightKey investigates and uses all presorting and mailing options to optimize postage rates and schedules.

Unlike most mailing facilities, BrightKey’s service scope allows us to couple any mailing project with an outreach telephone campaign, email blast, or SMS text message push, ensuring each recipient receives the message!

Ready for your members and customers to ‘get the message’? Contact us today to explore our Mail Processing capabilities!