Negative Pressure Air Rooms (NPAR)

Negative Pressure Air Rooms (NPAR)

Like any responsible business leader, you take the safety of your employees and organization seriously. As the world grapples with mailborne threats like pathogens, viruses, white powders, and explosives, the importance of screening incoming mail and packages needs no underscore.

BrightKey presents three solutions to screening your incoming mail. We can:

  • pick up your mail, screen it at one of our screening facilities, and return it to your building/office (same-day service available);
  • build a screening unit onsite at your desired location, and manage it on your behalf; or
  • build a screening unit onsite at your desired location, and allow you to operate it as you see fit.

BrightKey was one of America’s first professional mail screening service providers. Our boots were on the ground after 9/11, screening government agency mail and ‘writing the book’ for white powder response as anthrax was making headlines. The nature and scale of mailborne threats has evolved since 2001, and our technology and Negative Pressure Air Room (NPAR) solution has evolved with it.

Serving Federal and State government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies, our mail screening solution scans for full spectrum CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) threats to ensure every package and piece of mail is safe for delivery. We can also digitize and electronically deliver your mail for added protection.

Don’t let your organization become a statistic, news headline, or case study.

If you would like us to screen your mail at one of our facilities, click here to learn more.

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