Strategic Marketing

BrightKey’s Strategic Outreach team handles outbound telemarketing projects. Our dedicated specialists use carefully curated customized call scripts to achieve the best results for:

  • Welcome Calls
  • New Member Check-Ins
  • Data Integrity Campaigns
  • Conference Reminders & Registration
  • Lapsed Membership Campaigns
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Collections Calls

The conclusion of each campaign can be coupled with in-depth, data-driven reporting to give you the insight and feedback necessary to make informed executive decisions.

The success of BrightKey’s Telemarketing programs lies in the analysis of your goals, and the subsequent customized program crafting. BrightKey’s personal approach and experience-driven techniques transform a call script into a conversation. Our teams lead the calls so organically that your customers and members never get the impression that they’re speaking with an outside telemarketer. 

Receiving subject matter training before every campaign, BrightKey’s Telemarketing team shares the sensitivity and challenges faced by your customers and members. This helps to forge and refine a knowledge base as the client relationship continues.

Contact us today to see what BrightKey’s Telemarketing team can do for your organization and members!